Here's What We Do Better

I grew up with a very indulgent mother. From age 5, I would move the living room furniture around regularly (with her help) just to create a new look. Yes, I was born with a need to make things look their best.

When I was in high school, I started to make wall groupings naturally. When I started my classes in interior design, I learned that grouping is a basic design principle. For me, it just came natural.
As a realtor, I walked into each home and started to rearrange furniture or remodel the kitchen in my mind. As I passed through hotel lobbies, I appraised what I thought was done well and was even known to adjust a chair or straighten a table. It is just part of who I am. I want every environment to look it’s best.

After I left the Bay Area in 1999, I finally had time to indulge my desire to pursue my passion for interior design. I went back to school and I purchased a home in very bad condition. It became my test case.
When I was finished with the interior, I went to landscape school and took on that project as well. I found it incredibly fulfilling, not just because my vision came to life, but also because I was able to accomplish it for much, much less than I was led to believe it should cost. That is when I knew that I needed to blend together my love of design and real estate.

Today, I have figured out that helping others in this area is satisfying to me and helpful to them. I am always budget conscious, believing that great design never needs to go outside of a reasonable budget. I feel pride in completing a job, adding value, and doing it at an appropriate cost.


Redesign Realty is a unique pairing of real estate and interior design services. My comprehensive solutions streamline the process of designing your home or preparing your house for sale. I specialize in making pre-sale adjustments that help you get the most money for the lowest upfront cost. Whether you’re trying to sell your house, or design the home of your dreams, I’ll help you every step of the way.

Redesign your real estate. Let’s bring your vision to life!

    Mary Hawley Interior Design San Francisco
    Akansha S
    San Jose, CA

    Mary is a wealth of knowledge and she knows the right people and contacts in this industry. She went above and beyond her way to stay in contact, answer any and all questions and always made my offer a priority. We saw the property that I wanted and Mary worked extremely hard to conduct the appropriate market research so that I didn’t overpay, she very strategically and tactfully negotiated on my behalf with the seller and their agent so that I could get a quick response and decision and bought the house at its fair market value.

    Mary Hawley Interior Design San Francisco
    Bernice T
    San Jose, CA

    If you are looking for a realtor who not only knows the area, and also as an eye for design, I highly recommend Mary Hawley.  Mary listens to what you want. She will not waste your time. And your relationship with Mary will go beyond the signing of the contracts.  She will make sure you are moved in and loving your new home.