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Selling your house in the San Francisco Bay Area is a competitive business. Upgrading your home appropriately will help you sell your house fast, at the highest price, and with the least amount of hassle.
With so many homes for sale in San Francisco, finding and creating the home of your dreams can seem like an overwhelming. With an eye for value and potential, if it isn’t perfect now, working with me will help you get it there.
Dated homes bleed value. If you want top dollar, I’ll show you how to get your house ready for sale. I will identify the areas where an investment of time/money will go the furthest, positioning your home to attract buyers and top market prices.
Redesign Realty partners with real estate agents and brokers to help you and your client sell a Bay Area house faster while attracting the highest price by making cost-effective improvements that will attract the right buyers.

There are two ways to present a piece of real estate. One way uses thought, effort, and expertise. This approach will bring in the most qualified buyers and the top sales price. The other way is fast and without attention to potential. This approach will bring the bargain hunters and less money to the seller. So the question is, do you want to know how to sell your house for more money?

To unlock all of the potential in real estate, you will need to employ time, money or both. You can provide these tools yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. Even if you pay someone to do the work, you still stand to make more profit then you would if you present your property in a poor light.

Redesign Realty has the background and expertise to identify and bring forth a property’s full potential. With a background in both interior and landscape design, and over 30 years in the real estate industry, I can help you, your client, and your property get the response that you are looking for. In short, I can show you how to get your house ready for sale by directing you or by doing the work myself – your choice!

Transitional Contemporary Bathroom
Modern Seaside Home
Modern Seaside Home Kitchen/Dining Room
Modern Seaside Home Bed/Bath
Golf | Bungalow Kitchen/Bathroom Update
Camille | A Tony Townhouse Facelift
Camille | A Tony Townhouse Facelift
Camille | A Tony Townhouse Facelift
Golf Course Homestead
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bathroom remodel
03 /  About Me
Mary Hawley Real Estate
Realtor | Interior Designer

With a financial background, I began the pursuit of a lifelong passion, that of design. Having finished a degree in interior design and a certification in desert landscape, I have married those to my passion for real estate. I am perfectly poised to help investors find worthy properties as well as help families and individuals find not just a house – but a home.

04 /  What Clients Say
Mary Hawley Interior Design San Francisco
Akansha S
San Jose, CA

Mary is a wealth of knowledge and she knows the right people and contacts in this industry. She went above and beyond her way to stay in contact, answer any and all questions and always made my offer a priority. We saw the property that I wanted and Mary worked extremely hard to conduct the appropriate market research so that I didn’t overpay, she very strategically and tactfully negotiated on my behalf with the seller and their agent so that I could get a quick response and decision and bought the house at its fair market value.

Mary Hawley Interior Design San Francisco
Bernice T
San Jose, CA

If you are looking for a realtor who not only knows the area, and also as an eye for design, I highly recommend Mary Hawley.  Mary listens to what you want. She will not waste your time. And your relationship with Mary will go beyond the signing of the contracts.  She will make sure you are moved in and loving your new home.

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